Koffee with Karina & Shannon Sullivan: Improvements that will take your channel to the next level!

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Easy ways to improve your YouTube channel with YouTuber Shannon Sullivan

Koffee with Karina

Shannon Sullivan showcases her love for all things beauty, style and living a healthy lifestyle with positivity and an infectious, can-do mentality. Her YouTube videos specialize in beauty and lifestyle, travel adventures and healthy living tips, combining her seven years of beauty industry experience and training along with coaching clients one-on-one as a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. Her down-to-earth outlook inspires confidence and a sense of ease in establishing healthy lifestyle habits and new beauty finds! Shannon lives in sunny Florida with her husband, Matt, and Maltese, Mickey. 

Koffee with Karina

What made you want to start your YouTube channel? 
I was working for a cosmetic company when I started my channel and I wanted to create my own personal outlet to share my love for beauty and skincare without the pressure of hitting sales goals or feeling limited by only being able to talk about certain brands. The first video I filmed for my channel was a Minnie Mouse Halloween makeup tutorial in October of 2010. Since then my channel has evolved into a place where I share a collection of all of my passions within beauty, health, and lifestyle!  

How did you decide what types of videos you will make?
Since I was already working in the beauty industry, I started with makeup tutorials and product reviews. Talking about these types of things came naturally for me because they were (and still are) one of my biggest passions! 

Easy ways to take your YouTube channel to the next level with YouTuber Shannon Sullivan

How can YouTubers find tags that will reach more audiences?
Honestly, I feel like I still struggle with tagging. I think this is an area that is always changing but the way I tag my videos is by thinking about what I would search for if I were looking for the type of content I’m uploading. “How to” and “Top Tips” are always searchable terms to use, too! 

What are ways to make a YouTube channel look professional?
Consistent branding! I’ve gone back and forth with branding myself but consistency is always best! I also love using Playlists for organizing specific content into topics on my channel. 

What are some common mistakes YouTubers should avoid?
Overthinking content...I am definitely guilty of this! I think the best content comes out of doing something you love yourself and truly want to create and share. Stay authentic to who you are and create videos around the things you love! 

What tips do you have for promoting YouTube videos?
Don’t be afraid to talk about your videos on other social media platforms. Whether it be Facebook, Twitter, Insta stories or my Instagram feed, I’ll talk about my videos everywhere I can! 

What advice do you have for young women who create videos on YouTube? 
As cliche as it is...be authentic, stay consistent, and most of all have fun! Talk about things that excite you because there’s an audience for everything!  

YouTuber Shannon Sullivan

Favorite camera to film with: Actually, my iPhone 7 because I always have it with me and the stabilization is amazing! But, I think lenses matter more than the camera itself. Most of my videos are filmed with either a Canon 50mm f1.4 lens or Sigma 17-70mm. 

Favorite video editing software: Final Cut Pro X 

Favorite GirlBoss: I’ve always loved Lauren Conrad because she’s stayed consistent over the years, even as she’s expanded her line her branding is always on point and she’s true to her values and style.  

Favorite software for making channel art: PicMonkey! It’s super easy to use and has some of the same tools as Photoshop. 

Favorite video you have made: Hmmm that’s tough but I think it’d have to be my most recent morning routine just because my dog steals the spotlight haha 

YouTuber Shannon Sullivan Interview

I have a lot of upcoming projects getting ready to launch! I am currently redesigning my blog which should be done within the next few weeks and I’m launching a new health coaching program, too! The program will be all about how to heal your relationship with food, nourish your body + mind, and live your purpose. I’ve been writing it since becoming a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach a couple of years ago and I’m dying to release it - my goal is early September if everything goes to plan.     

Connect with YouTuber Shannon Sullivan

Thank you so much Shannon for being a part of this series! I absolutely loved speaking with you!

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