Koffee with Karina and Nelly Toledo: Being a Beauty Guru!

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Being a successful beauty guru with YouTuber Nelly Toledo

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Nelly Toledo is a makeup artist and YouTuber from Miami, Florida. She uses YouTube as a creative outlet to showcase her incredible talent and passion for makeup by posting celebrity inspired looks, product reviews, challenges and more! 

Being a successful beauty guru with YouTuber Nelly Toledo

What inspired you to start your channel?
What inspired me to start my Youtube channel was truly the genuine passion I have for makeup, which I have had ever since I was a little girl. I came across the beauty community, and I said hey, I can do that too! I have been in love with it ever since! 

You have so many incredible makeup tutorials! Where do your ideas come from?
My ideas come, literally, from anywhere! I can be online shopping and I like a top and I build a tutorial around it. I grab inspiration from anything around me.

Your videos are always up-to-date, like your Ariana Grande tutorial, Selena Gomez MET tutorial, etc. How do you organize your content?
I have a list of ideas and content I want to film, as well as deadlines from whenever I am working with a brand. It's truly all about moving things around to stay up to date, but also doing tutorials I love!

What does your "filming routine" look like?
My filming routine pretty much starts with washing and exfoliating my skin to get it nice and prepped before the makeup application. Then, I turn all the lights on so that they begin to warm up and adjust lighting and camera settings. Lastly, I change tops and I am ready to go!

What is the best part of running your own vlog? What is the hardest?
The best part is that I can be really creative and do my own thing without having to follow anyone's schedules or rules, I am pretty much my own boss! The hardest is definitely the amount of time, dedication and hard work that goes on behind-the-scenes while still trying to have a life outside of social media. It's hard, but worth it!

You have such gorgeous thumbnails! What do you think makes a good thumbnail?
I think a good thumbnail is a thumbnail where you can see the makeup/content clearly while still being yourself and personalizing it to your taste!

What advice do you have for someone who wants to start a YouTube channel?
JUST DO IT! Everyone always overthinks it because they might not have the "right" equipment or they don't have the time, but trust me if you love it, you will find the time. The equipment/technical side of things will come naturally as you grow and the more content you create the better you will get at it!

Being a successful beauty guru with YouTuber Nelly Toledo

Favorite Camera: Canon 70D
Favorite Lighting: Ring Light! (it's a must have!)
Favorite Videos to Make: Colorful eye makeup tutorials
Favorite YouTuber: RomanAtwood (smilemore ;) 
Favorite video you have made: Colorful Green/Blue Cut Crease Makeup Tutorial

Being a successful beauty guru with YouTuber Nelly Toledo

Thank you so much Nelly for being a part of this series! I absolutely loved speaking with you!

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