Tech Chic: 4 Snapchat HACKS!

Monday, July 18, 2016

It is 2016 and Snapchat is every girl's reality show. Snapchat is the perfect application to check in with your friends & family during the day and keep them updated on what you have been up to! I have never been a huge Snapchat person, so I decided to learn a few tips & tricks to be more active on it! Here is what I learned!

Believe it or not, the floral crown filter is not the coolest thing you can do on Snapchat! Here is what I found during my Snapchat research. 

1. Filters on Filters on Filters: Have you ever wanted to have a Geotag plus a filter? This is how you do it! You pick the geotag or filter that you want and you hold it down with your finger. Swipe through the filters while holding the geotag down, and that's it! Multiple filters with a simple hold!

2. No text limits, please: I have a friend on Snapchat who always has the longest captions, I had no idea how easy it is! Go on your notes and hit the return button & create  2-3 lines. Copy the blank space & paste it to the picture! Super simple!

3. Pop of Color: Create your own Snapchat filter using emojis! Pick a colored heart and zoom into it! The edge of the heart will become the filter! Zoom your little heart out and scroll your way to the top of the heart!

4. Get Your Snapchat QR Code: This is perfect for online creators or companies who want to want to share their Instagram through a QR Code! It is so simple to add people by their code! Here is how you get yours! Click here

Here is my code:

Let me know what your secret Snapchat trick is?

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