How I Get Motivated in the Morning!

Monday, July 11, 2016


I hope you are having a lovely morning!

I believe that if you have a positive morning you will have a happy day! These are my tips for getting motivated in order to get more things done in the morning! 

1. Dedicate an hour to yourself: I try to wake up at 8AM, but that rarely happens and I am up at 9AM. I make myself breakfast and enjoy a Grey's Anatomy episode (Team Karev, anyone?). I dedicated the first hour of my mornings to myself and the things I love. 

2. Dance Party: This is a weird one, but trust me it works (thank you Meredith & Cristina). I listen to motivational songs right before I get to work! I LOVE girl power songs (Beyoncé) because they leave me feeling invincible and ready to tackle work!

Here are my favorites: BeyoncĂ©, Sara Bareilles and the best medley ever!  

3. Write it out: Before I get to work, I write my version of a "to do list." I divide my page in three section: Reminders, Must Dos, & Comments. In the "reminders" section, I write down things that I want to remember, it can be a tip, blog idea or little source of inspiration. In the "Must Dos" section I write the things I have to do that day, such as: edit blog post and e-mail response. "Comments" is where I write things that occur during the day, so any research that I want to make or any events that will take place in the next week. This is the easiest way of organizing your day, trust me!

4. Be Visual: There are cool pictures on Instagram and Pinterest about whatever it is that you are working on! If you need inspiration for keeping a healthy diet, you can search, #fitspo or #inspo! You will get the best motivational quotes and pictures to get into the right mindset!

Work Hashtags: #GirlBoss is my favorite!

5. Treat Yo' Self: Treat yourself with a reward! If there is a task that I am extremely excited to complete, I will do a task that I have been dreading and reward myself with the task I want to do! 

Need more? Check out this awesome Being Boss episode to learn more about rewarding yourself!

I really hope these tips helped you out! I would love to know what motivates YOU in the morning!


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