Blogger and Author, Luvvie, offers advice that every blogger must read!

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Twitter- July 12th - Blogger and author, Luvvie, went on a Twitter rant about blogging priorities, how much the blogging world has changed and what her advice is to new bloggers! This is the rant that every blogger needs to read! It offers perspective, motivation and inspiration in this new blogging journey.

The rant began when Luvvie was expressing her gratitude to her "LuvvNation" for the love and support they have offered her.

Luvvie launched her blog, AwesomelyLuvvie, in 2006 her about page describes her blog as, "where I talk about all things pop culture, from TV to social media to travel to race and whatever else is in my little shadeful heart at the moment. I thoroughly enjoy doling out side-eyes and there is never a shortage of people and foolishness to judge. Trust me." She explained how, although she launched her blog in 2006, she did not begin to monetize it until 2010. 

She explains how things were a bit different for OG (original) bloggers and how freeing the experience of going through a learning process is. 

She believes that blogging should be about discovering your voice and not solely on making money! If you make your coins from blogging, that's amazing girl, but don't lose your voice over it.

Take time to cultivate your voice, fine tune your writing and set goals before you dedicate your blogging to making money.

She explains that bloggers need to be clear about what they want and to know the difference between AUDIENCE and VISITORS: the people who will become a part of your life and those who will click on your site once and never return.

I love her advice, I wrote every little detail down & she really knows what she is taking about! 

This is so incredibly important! Part of my blog is driven by interviews I do with other bloggers and content creators, I believe it's such a BOSS move when people are looking out for their creation! I love when I do an interview and someone says, "please use my hashtags" or "If you could please not write about this," "make sure you add this."(in a respectful way, of course).  I love when bloggers look out for what they make and get control of what is being said about them. 

Don't let people manipulate you and control you over the hype of collaborating with the media, don't let your guard down with your creation, fight for it! 

Side Note: I watched ROOTS, it was amazing. I would log onto twitter every night to read her commentary on it!  

You can order her book, I'm Judging You  here. I already did! Update: Shondaland is making it into a show!

I think every blogger has gone through the, "what am I doing?" "I should stop & get a more "serious" job.." Seriously, stop thinking like this and work hard for what you want! 

Be yourself when you write and create content for your blog because that will make you get far! I love this anecdote she tells here:

She closed off her "rant" in the best way a QUEEN can. 

I loved reading her rant and I am so happy I caught it in "real time." I hope it inspired you too! 

I'm Judging You (Book):

Every blogger has been through what Luvvie is talking about and there is so much to learn from this. In a day where everything is done to get money and become "famous," it is important to remember your voice and why you started blogging in the first place - a passion!


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