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Sunday, June 12, 2016

TheSkimm is an e-mail newsletter that arrives in subscribers’ inboxes every weekday morning.

With TheSkimm, readers no longer have to leave their beds to get the newspaper or even search through hundreds of headlines to discover the most important news of the day. TheSkimm conveniently compiles each day’s most pressing news into an e-mail that can be read in less than 10 minutes.

Students can no longer use the excuse that they’re too busy to read the news with this email feature.
It was created by Danielle Weisberg and Carly Zakin who started out as NBC news interns. They decided to launch their own news platform, TheSkimm, to target smart young women who may not have time to watch the news or read every newspaper.

TheSkimm is your secret weapon,” Weisberg said in a interview with Forbes. “We cross subject lines and party lines to give you everything you need to know to get your day started off right.

TheSkimm summarizes every newsworthy report and sends them through email every morning. It keeps word count to a minimum and necessary information to a maximum.

Each email contains three big categories, with smaller stories under them. There is a “quote of the day,” which features an notable quote from the news that links to an outside story.

The second big headline usually changes, but this is where major international news is highlighted.
“Repeat After Me” is a witty section that offers clever answers to dreadful questions. It incorporates a bit of entertainment and feature news.

“Things to Know” includes either popular hashtags or acronyms, and their descriptions.
A new feature that the newsletter has is the “SkimmRead,” which is consists of a recommend book for the reader.
TheSkimm is a fun, noteworthy source of news. It is ideal for the college students who want to catch up on what’s going on in the world. With simple and modern language there is no room for confusion or excuses. It takes less than ten minutes to read TheSkimm.

“TheSkimm is my favorite source of news,” said sophomore Bianca Cardona. “I read it while getting ready in the morning. The layout and colors get me intrigued and the fun way the news is written, make up the perfect newsletter that everyone should be subscribed to”.
Oprah Winfrey recently shared her love for the newsletter via twitter. “I just became a Skimm’er” Winfrey tweeted. “News that’s smart and fun. Those @theskimm girls are on to something.”

TheSkimm is blowing up; it is a positive subscription that will only bring good to your life. Do yourself a favor and subscribe to this amazing app. You will no longer be the student who knows nothing about news.

Zakin and Weisberg have not only changed the way news is delivered, but the have opened a new path to women. They encourage young girls to not only read news, but to understand that being smart never goes out of style.

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